Sunday, April 22, 2012

First work with liquid latex

In may 2008 a technology fair called Ideenpark took place in Stuttgart, Germany. Back then I was studying jewelry design in Germany and our class was asked to create massive jewelry for a fashion show, which would be held in the opening night, The night of Innovation. We were expected to use raw materials, that are used for making steel alloys. Me and my friend and a class mate Leticia Domingues decided to use iron pellets and to combine these pieces together we used liquid latex. We would cover some of the iron pellets with latex and after drying we removed the pellets and it would leave a small hollow round piece of latex which we also used. Very experimental project.

The Fashion show

Detail, some latex still drying

Buttons on the back

Loops for the buttons

Work in progress

Our customer wanted some bling bling...customers arent always right...


  1. I'm looking to make a Freddy Krueger mask ON my face this Halloween. Not one that will fit it, but one that will be applied directly to my face using liquid latex and paper towel. This is the first time I'm doing something like this, and I'm looking for any tips for application, removal, and coping with the smell.
    Liquid Latex

  2. It is best to put some silicone oil(other oils might damage the latex) to your skin before applying the latex. This will help the removal of the mask. For applying the latex it is good to use a soft brush and make every layer as thin as possible. You need to let each and every layer dry completely before applying a new one. Probably at least 10 layers(probably even more) is needed to make the mask thick enough. About the smell... There isn't so much you can do about it. Maybe you keep something that has a nice scent close to you all the way, so when you can't stand the horrific smell of the latex, you can smell something bit nicer.

    I hope this will help you.

    Have fun experimenting!